Accidents? DUIs? Tickets? Find out how to tap into a myriad of potential discounts to make your car insurance affordable again.

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Car insurance can get pretty expensive if you have accidents, DUI’s or other moving violations on your record. This can make it almost impossible to get insured at all in some cases. There is hope however.

At Arrowstar Insurance Center we have over 100 years of combined experience helping people with imperfect driving records get back on the road with a premium they can afford. In this post we are going to look at a few car insurance discounts that you may qualify for regardless of your driving record.

Low Annual Mileage Discount

According to around 13% of insurance companies offer this discount. Depending on the insurance company you choose, the maximum mileage allowance for this discount may vary between 7,000 and 12,500 miles.

Homeownership Discount

If you own your home, condo or apartment you can save an average of 6%. Around 21% of insurance providers offer this discount.

Electronic Payment Discount

Many insurance companies have a discount when you sign up for an electronic auto-pay system. They want to get paid in full and on time. Offering this discount is a great way for them to incentivize their customers to enroll in their auto-pay program.

Days Driven Discount

Many car insurance companies offer a discount for people who don’t drive their car every day. The specifics of this discount will vary depending on the company you choose, but if you are only using your car between one and four days per week then you may qualify for this one.

Car Ownership Discount

If you own your car rather than lease you will likely qualify for this discount. The average savings for those who qualify is about 4%.

Customer Loyalty Discount

Many insurance companies will offer a discount once you have been a client for between one and three years. Over 33% of insurance companies offer this type of discount. The average savings for this one are about 6%.

Use of Car Discount

Depending on what you are using your car for, you may qualify for a discount. As an example: Cars used primarily for farming (mostly driving around the farm) are generally discounted by about 10%. Roughly 40% of insurance companies have a similar discount.

Advanced Renewal Discount

Over 25% of companies offer this discount. It is normally given for those who renew their policy 7-10 days ahead of schedule. The average savings for early renewal is about 8%.

Adding up your discounts

One of the above discounts alone may not make a huge dent in your car insurance premium. The way you end of saving a substantial quantity of money on your car insurance is by combining several discounts.  You’ll want an insurance agent who can help you shop around to find the best package of discounts available for your circumstances.

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Do you know what an SR-22 is? Learn all about it and how you can fulfil your requirements as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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At Arrowstar Insurance Center we specialize in getting our clients the best insurance and the best rates regardless of their driving record. We have a combined experience of over 100 years, and have seen just about everything when it comes to getting an auto-policy. All to often we have witnessed our new clients confused about needing an SR-22. In this post we are going to cover the basics of what an SR-22 is and how you can get on the road again without emptying your bank account.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22, also called a SR22 or Certificate of Financial Responsibility, is often required by the DMV when reinstating someone’s driving privileges. The SR-22 is not a type of car insurance itself. It is simply a document that is sent by the insurance company to the state to confirm that the driver has an auto policy and that it meets state liability requirements.

Do I need an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a court-ordered document. At the time of the ruling, you will be notified if you need one. Your state DMV will send you a notice of the requirements which you will then have to meet in order to regain or maintain your driving privileges.

The following are some of the offenses which may lead to needing an SR-22:

  • Repeat traffic offenses or too many tickets in a short period of time
  • Driving without insurance and/or without a valid license
  • An at-fault accident while driving without insurance
  • A DUI or DWI or any serious moving violation
  • A suspended or revoked license

How much does an SR-22 cost?

An SR-22 is not usually expensive. Insurance companies will typically charge a processing fee of between $10-$25. Insurance rates may go up depending on the violation which necessitated the SR-22. This makes it very important to get an insurance agent who can shop around and get you the best policy at the lowest premium.

How long is an SR-22 required for?

Having insurance coverage with an SR-22 for three years is what is required in most States which use SR-22s. This number can vary between 2 and 5 years in certain states depending on the reason for the SR-22.

How can I get my license back as soon as possible?

Most states can accept SR-22s submitted in two fashions:

  1. Manually through the mail
  2. Electronically direct from the insurance office

Many states will be able to reactivate your driving privileges the same day if your insurance company is able to file electronically. If your insurance company is only set up to submit your forms manually it can take between 10-14 days for your license to be reissued. For this reason, you will want to make sure the insurance provider you choose is able to submit SR-22s electronically.

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Learn about the later history of auto insurance to find out how the twentieth century has shaped the coverage we have for our cars today.

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By 1902, auto insurance policies were more sophisticated than ever. Learn what happened next in the history of car insurance with this summary brought to you by Arrowstar Insurance. Though we offer the most modern and up to date auto insurance deals, the concept of auto insurance was once quite basic. As vehicles have become more advanced over the years, insurance products have developed right alongside them. Continue reading below for part two of the history of automobile insurance!

Showing Financial Responsibility

By the 1920’s, Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler were churning out as many vehicles they could make. Through perfection of the assembly line mode of manufacturing, Henry Ford and the other big car manufacturers were able to efficiently create vehicles. Using this cheap manufacturing process, he made cars affordable for the average man. Before this, a car cost about $1,500.00, which was out of the price range of most families. Ford, however, was able to sell their cars for about $900.00, making them much more popular in the market.

As more cars were on the road, more people were looking to obtain auto insurance. No longer were horses and carriages the biggest concern for drivers, the worst threat was rapidly becoming other drivers. As such, accidents became commonplace and lawsuits ran rampant. Unfortunately, many drivers were not covered by auto insurance, which often left the aggrieved individual high and dry.

To avoid these issues, in 1925, Connecticut enacted a law requiring car owners involved in an accident to prove financial responsibility. The law required:

  • That damages be over $100.00 to incite the law; and
  • That a driver could prove financial responsibility up to $10,000.00.

Financial responsibility could be proved through:

  • Auto liability insurance;
  • An existing stock, bond, or other financial instrument; or
  • A deposit in the necessary amount.

The easiest way for most folks to show financial responsibility became auto insurance.

Making It Mandatory

Massachusetts took things a step further when it created the first truly compulsory auto insurance laws. Instead of waiting to prove financial responsibility until after an accident, Massachusetts required responsibility up front. Until 1956, Massachusetts was the only state that required proof of insurance before a vehicle could be registered.

The next year, North Carolina followed suit, and throughout the 1960’s and 70’s the remaining states slowly began to fall in line. Today, New Hampshire is the only state that does not require auto insurance before a vehicle is registered. That being said, they do still require proof of financial responsibility, similar to that of the early Connecticut laws. Most New Hampshire citizens, however, still obtain the proper auto insurance coverage.

Today, your options for insurance products have greatly expanded. With multi-line policies, bundling, discounts, and deals, you only need the right broker to help you complete the package.

Experience the Future of Auto Insurance

Though cars are getting faster, more sophisticated, and more expensive, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal on auto insurance. With the right broker, who will take the time to understand your needs, you can get the best deal for the lowest cost. Unlike the days of old, your insurance broker is more accessible than ever. At Arrowstar Insurance, we are there when you need us, whether it is via phone, fax, email, or in person. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Arrowstar helps you understand where auto insurance began by delving into the history of this field, from ancient Babylonian loans forward.

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Though auto insurance is now mandatory for most American drivers, it hasn’t always been that way. Here, we give you a peek into the history and origins of car insurance. At Arrowstar Insurance, we are committed to providing our customers with the best rates on auto insurance. Not only do we find the best deals, we also ensure that your coverage is right for you. Though we strive to remain on the leading edge of insurance brokerage, it is also important to know where auto insurance all began. In the following blog, we cover part one of our history of auto insurance.

The Concept of Insurance

Practically as long as there have been people, there has been the idea of insurance. Even early humans wanted to transfer or distribute risk. In the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC, ancient Babylonians and Chinese merchants would take out loans to purchase ships. Since the ships would be put into use before the loans were repaid, the merchants would pay an extra fee to the lender in an agreement that the loan would be cancelled if the ship were lost at sea. Later on, in the 1st century BC, groups of merchants paid into a general pool for insurance purposes. The proceeds of the pool would be paid to those who lost cargo or were shipwrecked.

In around 600 BC, Greek and Roman communities developed the concept of life and health insurance. Insurance guilds within the ancient societies would help support the family of deceased members. These types of community and loan insurance policies expanded across the world until the first known genuine insurance contract in 1347. Though these new contracts were generally related to catastrophic maritime events, they paved the way for our modern concept of insurance.

Finally, in 17th century England, insurance became more mainstream. Property, business, life, and accident insurance were becoming more widely available. By the mid 1700’s, insurance had also become popular in America. In fact, in 1751, Benjamin Franklin helped create the first fire insurance company.

The Invention of the Car

Though insurance was becoming quite sophisticated by the 1700’s, it was obviously not until the invention of the car that auto insurance was created. With the automobile boom of the late 19th century came an increase in accidents and losses.

In 1897, a gentleman named Gilbert Loomis built himself a basic vehicle. Though he was greatly excited by the car, he saw the potential for disaster as he maneuvered around the horses and carriages on the primitive roads. At the time, Ohio was a car-manufacturing hub, so Mr. Loomis traveled to Dayton in search of an auto insurance policy.

Through the Lyman Agency, Mr. Loomis accepted coverage from The Travelers Insurance Company. Though the contract was written as a type of horse and carriage insurance, it is now widely recognized as the first auto insurance policy. Gilbert Loomis paid a whopping $7.50 for $1,000.00 of coverage. That is the equivalent of nearly $30,000.00 of coverage in today’s money. This protected him if he injured or killed another person while driving, or if he damaged property while driving.

One year later, in 1898, Travelers capitalized on the increasing number of vehicles on the road. They created the first policies specifically for automobiles, separate from horse and buggy contracts. Mr. Truman Martin of Buffalo, New York was the lucky recipient of the first auto policy written specifically for cars. The policy cost Martin $12.25 (just over $300.00 in today’s standards), and protected him from loss, including the main threat of the day: horses.

After the purchase of Martin’s policy, the trend caught on like wildfire, but it wasn’t until 1902 that fire and theft were added to an auto insurance policy. At the time, it was the first non-liability insurance contract for a vehicle. And thus the invention of multi-line auto insurance was born, resembling the comprehensive policies of today.

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For more on the history of auto insurance, keep reading Part 2 of this entry. For the most personalized service and the best rates on auto insurance, contact Arrowstar Insurance today.

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We will be updating our blog with the latest advice from Arrowstar Insurance. Make sure to check back soon for some helpful tips!

Arrowstar Insurance clears up common misconceptions about insurance brokers to help you better understand how we can help you.

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Are you aware of the countless benefits that an insurance broker can provide? Even if you have used one in the past, you may still have misconceptions about how brokerage works. If you’re not taking advantage of the wide selection of products that only an insurance broker can offer, you may be losing valuable money on your coverage. Why waste time shopping around, when your local insurance broker is ready and willing to do the work for you? At Arrowstar Insurance, we want to change your opinion on brokerage and let you in on the numerous advantages you will receive by becoming a client! To help you make the switch, below you will find a list of the top three common misconceptions about insurance brokers.

Common Misconceptions About Insurance Brokers

1. They Are More Expensive. This opinion about insurance brokers could not be more false. By offering a variety of products from different companies, we are able to get you the best deals possible. Notably, an insurance agent who works for one company can only offer you the packages available to that particular provider. Where that insurance agent is trying to make money for the company, an insurance broker is working hard to help you save. The experience and knowledge of an insurance broker is the key to saving time and money.

2. They Don’t Give Good Advice. False! In fact, insurance brokers are highly qualified to advise clients on insurance matters, it is what we are trained for. Insurance agents for a single company, however, can only provide you with general information on their specific products. For example, we can help you pick the right insurance for your precise type of business, or we can aid you in selecting the proper life insurance to meet your needs. Only a broker is trained to make sure you are receiving the right products for your coverage needs.

3. It’s Better to Cut Out The Middle Man. In some cases, this statement can be true, but when it is applied to insurance, it is definitely false. When it comes to insurance coverage, a broker is much more than a middleman, we are your partner in selecting the best insurance to meet your needs. We work with you to ensure your satisfaction and to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. With an insurance broker, you can rest assured that you, your family, and your valuables are adequately covered.

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For a more personal interaction, a more comprehensive selection of products to choose from, and a valuable experience, contact Arrowstar Insurance today. Whether you are looking to insure your home, car, life, health, business, or other valuables, Arrowstar will save you valuable time and money.

You could be paying more than you should for your auto insurance because your provider isn’t telling you about important deals. Arrowstar puts you first.

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Often, auto insurance providers will quote you a figure that is higher than you really should be paying. Whether the agent simply hasn’t been properly trained or he or she is actively trying to trick you into paying more, you’ll still end up wasting money. That’s why it’s important to work with a broker who cares about you personally. At Arrowstar Insurance, we work hard to get you the best auto insurance deals possible. With our vast knowledge and reputable brokers, we are able to provide our customers with the best coverage for the lowest prices. Read on to learn about common auto insurance deals that your current provider may not be telling you about.

Other Companies Aren’t Telling You The Whole Story

It may surprise you to learn that other insurance providers are not looking out for your best interests. Many are focusing on the number of individuals they sign up when they should be emphaizing your needs as a customer. Overall, some providers are neglecting to get you the best deal or the right coverage for your individual needs.

In fact, in a recent investigation, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department found that less than 30 percent of insurance companies volunteered valuable information on auto insurance, such as available discounts and deductibles. This could have resulted in customer savings of up to 40 percent! Unfortunately, many insurance providers use these sneaky techniques to increase their own profits.

What They Should Be Telling You

Instead of spending time tricking customers into paying more, other providers should put effort into getting you the best rates. Some of these deals include:

1. Discounts For Teen Drivers: Is your teen a good student in school and in driver’s education? Let your insurance company know, it could save you up to 25 percent on your child’s insurance! Additionally, if your child is away at school, some companies may also provide a discount.

2. Discounts Just For Being You: If you have a decent driving record, are a non-smoker, a senior citizen, frequently carpool, or are in a particular profession (such as doctor or lawyer), you may qualify for discounts. All of these factors make you a statistically safer driver, so reap the benefits!

3. Discounts For Your Type of Car: Even if you are an exemplary driver with a spotless record, that new Audi you just bought could increase your rates higher than you thought. This is because certain cars generally reflect higher collision rates and repair costs. That being said, you can also get a discount for buying a car with a better record. Check the insurance loss information, or talk to your broker before you buy a new vehicle.

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