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“Do you have the best health insurance? “ When asked this question, many people won’t confidently give you a positive answer. Why is this? Because they simply choose a coverage without really looking at its benefits and whether it has their best interests at heart.

Truth is that health insurance can’t be underestimated; In fact, it has become more valued now than ever. However, did you know that it’s never too late to get coverage? Some of the urgent reasons for getting insurance coverage includes the following:

5 Urgent Reasons Everyone Should Have Good Health Insurance

1. Visit to the Emergency Room

Picture this – you are walking or driving when suddenly you have a heart attack, allergic reaction, or mental instability? At this point, your best chance for survival is getting urgent medical care. However, unless your finances are in good order, you may have problems accessing good healthcare or settling the bills. Health insurance steps in and takes care of everything; including first aid, emergency rescue, in-patient and out-patient services.

2. Auto Accident

People get involved in car accidents daily. But can you imagine if the driver who hits you is driving without proper car insurance? Chances are that you won’t be compensated and may have to foot the bills yourself. Reliable health coverage saves you the trouble of looking for funds and wasting time in the process. It also ensures you get emergency services that are crucial to your quick recovery and healing.

3. Outpatient Care

Quality health insurance allows you to access outpatient care even when you don’t have ready cash. In fact, you don’t need to worry about money since the provider will take care of everything. These include general checkup, lab tests and diagnosis, and more. All you need to do is pay the premiums and append your signature on the insurance policy. You can always have a plan tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

4. Buying Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs cost money; in some cases lots of it. Unfortunately. often you will require the drugs when you don’t have cash or your credit balance isn’t that great. This forces some people to borrow from friends, family or institutions, thus worsening their financial position. You, fortunately can make life much easier by getting insurance. The provider will take care of the expenses by either direct payment or reimbursing you.

5. Care for Loved Ones

If you love your family, and you don’t have health insurance, you should be worried a lot. Imagine being called right now and being told that your baby or spouse is sick? And to make matters worse, you have no money in your account? Such issues are best dealt with by signing up for health coverage. All you need is to identify a good provider, look at their policy, negotiate the terms and pay the initial premium.

The above are some of the key reasons why you need good health insurance as soon as possible. In fact, you should begin searching for a good firm that not only has the best rates and policies but has your interests at heart. The recommendation is to deal with experienced, well-known and trustworthy firms. In addition to guaranteeing you quality service and maximum satisfaction, the best health insurance also grants you peace-of-mind.

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Nowadays, more and more people focus on their careers and financial security, forgetting about the important things in life. They tend to ignore the most important matter in their life, which is, without any doubt, their own health. Unfortunately, there are still millions of people, who still don’t have health insurance and this rate is expected to grow. This approach is entirely wrong and in the following article, we will explain why you should have the best health insurance.

5 Reasons to Have the Best Health Insurance

1) Flexibility

It’s no longer a secret that going to a doctor is expensive. And we’re not talking about complex investigations here. Even a simple routine visit can make a deep hole in your wallet. Considering that you cannot predict how many visits and investigations you may need in the near future, a full package health insurance is a must. With it, you will be entirely covered and you will know from the beginning how much you need to pay. Depending on your particular needs and preferences, you can make a custom health plan, including only the relevant services for you, or you can choose from a variety of other plans.

2) In case you have some preexisting conditions

A lot of people who think they’re completely healthy have to find out that they actually have some hidden diseases, of which, they weren’t aware. The best health insurance will handle that and will offer coverage for some old conditions, as well. That’s why you need to be extremely careful when choosing a health insurance plan. Usually, the cheap packages don’t include any preexisting condition in their offer, and this could end up pretty bad if you’re actually dealing with one.

3) For international medical attention

A premium health insurance plan should normally cover your health expenses, even when you’re abroad. Considering that it’s almost mandatory to have a health insurance plan when you’re travelling abroad, you can do that from the beginning and opt for a full health plan, just in case. You never know when you’ll have to leave the country, so it’s better to be prepared.

4) For professional dental and vision coverage

A lot of health insurance plans don’t consider vision or dental interventions, and therefore they don’t cover them. But we all know that both of these problems require immediate attention and are not something that we can neglect. That’s why it’s better to prepare yourself and opt for the best health insurance. They will offer you a wide range of vision and dental services in a professional facility. And most important, you won’t have to pay a dime for them, besides your insurance.

5) Because you never know

According to an old saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” And when it comes to our own health, we can never be too cautious. Even though you don’t have a medical record of any disease and you’re living a healthy life, you never know. Be prepared and take this advice into consideration.


In the current society, having the best health insurance is a must. This way you and your family will be covered for whatever medical situation may occur. Also, you will no longer have to worry about spending a small fortune on doctors for some of the simplest investigations or procedures, because you will be entirely covered by your insurance plan.

Homeowners insurance can be an expensive proposition, but it's necessary. Bear these five things in mind when shopping around for insurance and a policy.

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A majority of the population do not understand well what insurance coverage entails. Some do not like to discuss insurance coverage, especially when it comes to life insurance or disability coverage because they associate these policies with death, and no one wants to die. It may be an unpleasant topic, but what you need to appreciate is that insurance helps you to transfer risk.

When you have insurance coverage, such as auto insurance, medical cover or life coverage, the insurance company undertakes to compensate or pay you or your family in case of any accident, death or illness, for instance, if you are the breadwinner in a family, what will happen if you die accidentally? Your family’s lifestyle is likely to change because they do not have someone to provide for them. But if you had taken out some life insurance, your family would be paid and their lifestyle would not change.

5 Insurance Coverage Plans You Should Have

1. Auto insurance coverage

One insurance that is mandatory in most states is auto insurance. Accidents happen and if you are not covered you can end up spending everything you have. For instance, if you cause an accident and you injure someone or damage someone’s property, you will be subjected to a lawsuit that will cost you a lot. With an insurance coverage, you will not have to worry because the insurance company will pay the person injured and also pay for the cost of repairs to your car. An auto insurance broker will help you choose the best auto insurance coverage from the best provider. Auto insurance brokers will also advise you on how much it will cost.

2. Medical or health insurance coverage

Medical coverage is an important coverage that you will not want to live without. The cost of medical care can be really high and you can end up spending all the family has in paying medical bills. You will be at peace if you have medical coverage because the insurance company will help you in offsetting medical bills in case you or your family member gets ill. The cost of medical cover varies depending on the number of persons in your family to be covered; their age and the extent of coverage.

3. Critical illness coverage

Critical illness can drain family finances, for instance, having a kidney transplant or treating cancer. Purchase critical illness coverage to cover your family and yourself against critical illness such as cancer, heart problems, kidney problems, liver disease and any other critical illness that may arise. It is advisable to purchase critical illness cover as a stand-alone coverage because it will offer you more coverage than when you buy it as a rider.

4. Life coverage

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your family or how will your family survive if you are no longer there? Life can take an unexpected turn. Life coverage acts as a financial plan for your family. When you purchase life coverage, you are assured that your family will have a source of income in case of your untimely demise.

5. Disability insurance coverage

We are not certain of the future and anyone can become disabled. Disability insurance coverage will enable you meet needs and maintain your current lifestyle even when you are not able to work.


It is worth paying a little bit more monthly than having to worry about uncertainties. Because we cannot be certain of the future, with insurance coverage you will be at peace. Seek advice from an auto insurance broker to get the best auto insurance. Make sure you consult your broker or agent to be sure that you understand the cost and coverage of the policy you are purchasing.

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Homeowner insurance covers any damages that may occur to a person’s house due to unexpected disasters or freak weather. These kinds of damages don’t happen often but seem to happen even the best of us, and homeowners are often submitting claims to their insurance companies. Here are the some of the most common homeowner’s insurance claims.

1.Water Damage

Not all water damage is done by floods, water damage is one of the most common claims from homeowners. This commonly involves a broken pipe, perhaps behind a wall or under the floorboards, where it may not be noticed for a long time. By the time someone notices, the damage has been done, and it could be too late.

2. Frozen Water Damage Covered Under Homeowners Insurance

This is frequently seen in homes in which the owners do not reside year round, or if the homeowner is away for long stretches of the winter. A burst pipe can lead to a significant amount of damage, particularly if no one is around to see it or fix it. Frozen water damage is usually only covered if it occurs inside the home, and water that seeps in from the ground outside the home may not be covered.

3.Hail Damage

Severe hail can cause serious damage. For homeowners with an older roof, a bad hailstorm might mean replacing the entire roof of the house, and a very expensive price tag. Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover hail damage, but only if the damage happens to the house itself, and may not cover other structures or vehicles outdoors.

4.Physical Damage

As long as one did not physically destroy part of the house intentionally to collect an insurance payout, the homeowner’s policy typically covers the damage done to both the inside and outside of the home, as well possessions and personal belongings inside. Lightning strikes also fit into this category. Other kinds of physical damages that your homeowner’s insurance may cover include acts of the vandalism or damage inflicted during a burglary.

5.Wind Damage

Wind damage could range from minor surface issues to the total destruction from a tornado. Insurance often covers any damage from strong winds and storms. This commonly includes branches or trees dropping on to the home, as well as other sorts of flying debris.

6. Fire Damage

House fires occur unexpectedly. Most homeowner insurance policies assist one in rebuilding after a fire, but it’s important to check if the policy offers “Guaranteed Replacement Cost” on the house, as well as personal property. Some insurance companies provide coverage up to 125% of the home’s value.

When it comes to selecting homeowner’s insurance, It’s advisable to talk to your local agent to see how your home is covered. It’s also very vital to keep up to date of the documentation and also the receipts, as well as taking videos and photos of your personal belongings in case it is necessary to file a claim.

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When you’re buying a home one of the many things on your seemingly endless to-do list is to obtain a homeowners insurance policy. There’s so much to do, so many forms to fill out, so much paperwork to sign when you’re buying a house that you may be tempted to just apply for the basic homeowners insurance policy recommended by your real estate agent but with something as important as homeowners coverage you should really do your homework to make sure you get the best coverage, the best price, and to make sure you have adequate coverage in the areas that you need it in. This article is going to talk about some common mistakes that people make when they are on the hunt for homeowners insurance.

1. Not Enough Coverage
One common mistake that people make is to think to themselves “okay, I paid $500,000 for my house so I need $500,000 worth of coverage.” What you need to think of is not how much you paid for your house but rather how much it would cost to rebuild. A large part of the cost of buying a house is the land that the house sits on. If your house were to burn to the ground in a fire you would need enough coverage to rebuild the house, the land that the house sits on will still be there after the fire has been put out.

2. Forgetting to Renew Policy
Another common mistake that people make in regards to homeowners insurance is neglecting to review their policies periodically. Things change over time, if the cost of building materials increases considerably you may need to increase the amount of your insurance. This is especially true if you were to build an addition to your house. Some people learn this lesson the hard way. They build an addition to their house that costs $50,000 then the house burns to the ground and the insurance policy doesn’t pay enough to rebuild the entire house.

3. Not Getting Extra Coverage for Things Not Covered on Standard Policies
Another common mistake and a lesson that too many people learn the hard way is that some things are not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Perils such as floods and earthquakes are not covered by a basic policy and require additional insurance. In areas where floods and earthquakes are not common this coverage is quite inexpensive and may still be a good idea. You don’t need to live next to a river to experience flood damage. In a strong rainstorm the storm drains can back up and overflow and this causes flooding even in areas that don’t normally flood. Just a few inches of water inside your house can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. So just know that earthquakes and floods are not covered in a basic policy and may be something that you want to consider.

4. Signing Up for Any Old Policy Just to Get It Out of the Way
One of the biggest mistakes of all is the one mentioned in the first part of the article which is just to sign up for any homeowners insurance policy just to get it out of the way and cross it off of your to-do list. If you spend a little time shopping around, getting quotes from multiple companies and choosing the one that offers the best coverage for the least amount of money, this small amount of time could ultimately save you thousands of dollars.

Don’t underestimate how much additional living expenses can add up to. If your home is extensively damaged, you could be displaced from it for many months, even years (imagine extensive flood or fire damage followed by a lengthy claims process – you get the idea).

The amount available to pay for these expenses is usually equal to 20% of the insurance on your house. If you rent part of your home, the loss of income will be reimbursed. Policies differ company to company. Make sure you know what is covered. This part of your insurance policy is to help you maintain a “normal standard of living”.

Liability protection provides personal liability coverage against lawsuits for bodily injuries or property damage that you or other members of the family who live in the home cause others on your property. It also covers any damage or injury your pet may cause. This part of your policy includes no-fault medical coverage so medical expenses are paid with no liability claim filed against you. The cost of defending you in court and court awards are covered, up to the limit of your policy. This coverage covers you, your family members, or your pets anywhere in the world.

Home insurance experts highly recommend that you buy at least $300,000 worth of protection. You can also buy an umbrella or excess liability policy. This kind of policy covers you for slander or libel claims. These policies cost between $200 to $300 for every $1 million of additional coverage.

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The primary purpose of the life insurance policy is to financially secure the lives of the dependents after the demise of the primary bread winner and therefore it has become an integral part of our lives. It serves as an earning substitute and has hence become real important for individuals to invest in the insurance policies to ensure the future of their loved ones. The main purpose of which is to offer protection and financial “stableness” after the death of the policy owner. There are many companies that provide a policy, but what kind of policy you will go for will entirely depend on your requirements.

Depending on your fiscal planning and your financial requirements, there are four types of policies that you can choose from- the term life insurance policy, whole life insurance, the universal life insurance and the variable life insurance policy. Which one you will go for is entirely your decision depending on how much of financial cover you would like to offer your loved ones after your demise. The other types of policies that you come across are the endowment policies and the variable universal life insurance policy.

Regardless of what policy you prefer and decide to go for, the monthly premium of the insurance always depends on factors like the age, sum insured and also the aesculapian history. Those within the ‘impaired risk’ – the people who have critical health problem – face difficulty in finding a suitable insurance policy for themselves and that, which will cover all their demands. The face amount or the sum that is insured and the whole tenure of the policy decide the value of the life insurance policy.

Given all that there are still many valid reasons you need life insurance. In fact, here 7 real reasons you need life insurance.

1. Life insurance isn’t for you, it is for the people that you love
If something happens to you, you would want your family to be well provided for until they could get back on their feet again, wouldn’t you?

2. Life insurance doesn’t have to be expensive
In fact, there are ads for cheap life insurance on television, in the newspaper and on the Internet. Finding one that will fit into your budget can definitely be done.

3. Getting life insurance quotes doesn’t have to be difficult to do anymore
Before, it was really difficult to get these quotes, because you would have to go to several different insurance agencies, sit down and talk face to face with an insurance agent. These insurance agents were trained to sell, sell, sell, and it was difficult to get out of the office without buying a life insurance policy. These aren’t the type of cheap life insurance policies that you can get elsewhere, but are an investment that you need to think about before jumping into them.

4. Life insurance is a way for some people to save for a rainy day.
Make sure to check and see if your life insurance is able to be cashed out if you need the extra money for an emergency.

5. Life insurance is a way to protect your future.
If you have a new addition to your family, make sure that you change your insurance. Life insurance is really important for your future, and is going to let you to feel more secure about your future.

6. Life insurance is going to give your family a lot of time to grieve for you.
When you lose someone that you love, you are going to need a lot of time to rebound back from devastating loss. Life insurance is going to do just that – give your family time to recover from a loss.

7. Even a cheap life insurance policy is going to give your family enough cash for a funeral.
A funeral can take away a year or more of savings, and put your family into a hole. Funerals are expensive, and you don’t want to leave them in debt.

If you think that getting life insurance quotes and finding a cheap policy is going to be too much trouble, think about the trouble that your family is going to be in if something happens to you and you don’t have life insurance. There are a million reasons why finding a good life insurance policy is so important, but these seven reasons should convince you to find a policy as soon as possible.

Home insurance premium concept

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Home insurance is absolutely essential — and unquestionably cost-effective. Every homeowner should have it, and one way or another you will benefit from it. How, precisely, do insurance companies determine your home insurance premium? Exactly what goes into their calculations?

Let’s pull the curtain back and demystify this process for you. Perhaps you will even score a lower premium and save a few dollars in the process. Who can say no to that? Here are eight key factors that directly impact what you will pay for home insurance.

Cost to Rebuild Your Home

If a calamity completely destroys your home – such as a fire, earthquake or other natural disaster – what is the amount it would take to restore it to its former condition, or, if necessary, rebuild it entirely? Remember, the rebuilding cost of your home may be considerably higher than its original purchase price.

Many construction costs rise with time, of course. Depending on why your home was damaged or destroyed, rebuilding it may include expenditures such as debris removal. In short, the purchase cost of your home is not a good guide to its potential rebuilding costs, which will be unique. Your insurer’s estimate of the hypothetical cost to rebuild your home will be the factor that most influences your home insurance premium.

Building Materials

The materials your home is made of impacts your home insurance premium. Hard, dry materials, such as brick and stone, are tough and long-lasting. These may get you a lower premium than if your home is primarily made of wood, which is a softer, more flammable material. What your home is built from affects its durability, longevity, and the cost of its replacement or reconstruction.

Age of Your Home

A new, recently built home may get a lower premium than a significantly older home. Why is that? Older houses are more likely to be in worse shape or have been built with inferior materials. Some older homes may contain unique architectural details – which could prove difficult and costlier to replace. All of this, naturally, impacts the cost of your home insurance.

Neighborhood Fire Protection Rating

Your insurance carrier probably has a fire protection rating for your area which will impact your home insurance cost. How far is your home from a water source? What is the distance from your home to the nearest fire department? All of these factors matter if a fire breaks out in your home. Your carrier will likely take these factors into account when calculating your coverage costs.

Dogs and Other Pets

Yes, our dogs are like family. However, insurers consider certain breeds to be more likely to cause trouble, such as Pitt Bulls, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers. If you have one of these breeds, then it could negatively impact the cost of your home insurance – or even cause an insurer to deny you coverage altogether. Please be aware that rare pets –  including wild animals such as apes – may require exotic pet insurance.

Personal Home Insurance Claims History

As with automobile insurance, if you have a history of home accidents and claims, this will likely cause your carrier to give you a higher premium. Of course, the opposite is also true: a responsible homeowner who rarely files a claim is very likely to get a lower premium.

Claims History of Your Neighborhood and Area

It’s not just your own home insurance claims history that impacts the cost of your home insurance coverage. Your neighborhood or area’s claims history is just as relevant. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, such as mud slides, earthquakes or tornadoes, you will pay more for insurance. However, a neighborhood with a high crime rate may also cause your insurer to offer you a higher rate.

Amount of Your Coverage

Of course, the type and size of home insurance overage you need and want is a significant factor in how much you will pay for home insurance. The more protection you require for your home, the higher your home insurance premiums will be.

Consider, however, that even the costliest home insurance coverage is well worth it. Nothing replaces the peace of mind that comes from knowing your insurance policy will protect your home in all areas and for every contingency.

Beware of auto insurance fraud

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Is there anything more tedious and tiresome than shopping for and committing to buy a new car? Countless computer searches investigating the latest models and makes. Long hours spent wheeling and dealing. Dozens of droll test drives. Pushy salesmen and lengthy contracts. There is truly nothing as loathsome.

That is, until it comes time to buy insurance for your new automobile. More negotiations, more contracts, more fine print. It’s another mundane and monotonous must that every dutiful driver must endure.

When investigating potential insurance offers, most people are looking to score the best deal possible.  They aim to spend the least for the best and most appropriate coverage. In some cases, this search for savings causes consumers to overlook the legitimacy of the offers at hand.

As a result, many fall victim to the suspicious schemes and scams of insurance companies. Likewise, auto insurance fraud poses a threat even after you’ve secured a sound insurance policy as accident scams have become more common on today’s roadways and interstates.

Thankfully, a little bit of knowledge and an extra dose of discretion are all you need to avoid falling victim to the numerous auto scammers and schemers out there. Here are a few tips to help you avoid auto insurance fraud, both when buying insurance and while driving.

Tips For Avoiding Fraud While Shopping for Insurance

As if it weren’t difficult enough just to find a great auto insurance rate with all the many companies and corporations out there selling innumerable plans and packages.  Now buyers also have to make sure they’re not getting swindled in the process. Thankfully, just a few extra precautionary measures can boast big benefits in terms of fraud protection.

Be Weary, Be Very Weary

Always be very cautious when exploring online offers, packages from door-to-door salesmen, and phone solicitations.  These are the most common means by which schemers pitch their fraudulent offers. Smart shoppers always compare car insurance rates before committing to a particular policy.

Likewise, if an offer seems “too good to be true”, it probably is. Even notable companies create misleading offers that are restricted in some way or have some lengthy list of exclusions. Always read through the fine print of a contract before signing it.

Do a Little Digging

A little bit of research goes a long way when comparing the testimonials and track records of insurance companies. For each of the potential insurance candidates you are considering, look up the company’s rating online at the Better Business Bureau’s website. In addition, contact your state’s insurance department to make sure the licensing status of both the company and the agent you’re working with. Lastly, find out if the company owns and/or operates auto repair shops as well. This is a big warning sign and typically indicates the likelihood of a scam operation.

Protect Your Personal Information

The same way that identity thieves use your social security number to hack into your online accounts, auto insurance thieves can use your insurance identification number to scam and swindle you. Never share your ID number with anyone and keep as much of your personal information private while shopping for insurance.

Tips For Spotting Fraud While Driving

In addition to sales fraud, there are also unsavory individuals out there who seek to scam you on the roads as well. Keeping a keen eye out for potential scam situations as they happen on the road is a must to protect yourself from fraud. Trust your instincts and, if a driver is tailgating or seems to be attempting to stage an accident, pull over into the nearest gas station, police office, or other safe location to avoid an encounter.

If, by chance, you are involved in an accident, you will want to document all available information.  Take statements from passengers and witnesses, contact the police if possible, and take photographs of the scene. The more information you can obtain, the less availability there is for criminals to twist the truth in their favor.

For even more information on auto insurance fraud and to learn more about the types of available insurance policies available as well as to browse through some of the most competitive car insurance rates on the market, visit our website at

Motorcycle safety tips during deer season

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It’s bad enough hitting a deer in a car, with all that metal to protect you, but hitting a deer on a motorcycle can prove disastrous, totaling your bike and causing you serious injury or even death in the process. In some areas, deer only filter into inhabited areas during certain times of year, like when winter weather makes food in their normal habitat sparse.

In other places, “deer season” is year-round. Regardless, you need to take precautions to ensure that the greatest level of safety and avoid what is likely to prove a fatal crash.

Even if, by some miracle, you walk away from such a collision, the average cheap motorcycle insurance (and even some pricier, full-coverage policies) won’t cover that damage to your bike. Here are a few safety tips that could help you to avoid a collision with a deer and the damage and injury that are likely to ensue.

Prep Your Bike

You can’t exactly put a roll cage on your motorcycle for safety, but you can upgrade to a brighter headlight or add a high beam to help you see, especially on poorly lit back roads where deer are more likely to wander around. You should also have a loud horn to alert any deer on the road to your presence and hopefully prompt them to move out of your path.

In addition, you should equip yourself with proper safety gear, including a good helmet, a padded jacket and/or leathers, sturdy boots, and gloves with skid guards on the palm. If you hit a deer, there’s a good chance you’ll be launched from the bike.

Practice Evasive Maneuvers

Breaking, swerving, and laying down your bike at high speeds are not things you instinctively know how to do, so practice at slower speeds so that you feel confident maneuvering when confronted with a deer on the road.

Drive Responsibly

One of the best ways to reduce motorcycle and car insurance rates is to maintain a clean driving record, and behaving responsibly on the roadways is also the best way to avoid accidental collisions with deer. This means knowing how to drive safely.

In terms of avoiding deer, you should try not to drive during times when they’re most active, such as dawn and dusk. These are also the times when it can be most difficult to see if the sun is on the horizon and shining in your eyes.

You should also stick to the speed limit, but keep in mind that at speeds of 50 mph or more, you’ll have a hard time stopping a collision even if you see a deer in the road. You’re also a lot more likely to suffer serious injury or death when you collide with a deer at these speeds on a motorcycle.

Always use the safety gear at your disposal, including high beams, and if you’re with a group of riders, stagger your formation so that other riders can avoid collision should one member of the group hit a deer.

Does a homeowners insurance policy cover pets too?

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When it comes to purchasing homeowners insurance, you expect your policy to do several things.  You want it to protect your property and pay for damages, including repair or replacement, in the event of vandalism, theft, fires, floods, and other natural disasters. In some cases, you’ll need supplemental insurance to cover all of your bases.  That might include an extra earthquake policy in California or tornado coverage in Kansas, for example.

The idea is to pay in advance so that you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses should disaster strike.  Your policy will help should you find yourself in need of major repair or replacement, as well as a temporary living situation in the meantime. You’ll be happy to discover that when you begin seeking home insurance quotes, many homeowners policies account for a variety of other concerns, as well.

Most policies will cover items of value in your home, such as furniture, electronics, and even jewelry, art, musical instruments, and collectibles, to a degree. Of course you’ll need to have items of high value appraised and forward the information to your insurer first.

Liability insurance is also part of most plans.  This covers incidents like a slip-and-fall accident on your stairs or if a tree on your property is knocked into your neighbor’s home during a storm.

What about your pets, though? Does your homeowners insurance policy cover them, too? Here’s what you need to know about your home insurance and how it relates to your pets.

Pet Damage to Home

Pets can fill your life with fun and love, but they’re animals.  As such, they may cause damage to your property in a variety of ways. Dogs may dig holes in the yard and cats may spray on the walls and flooring.

Unfortunately, your homeowners insurance usually doesn’t cover these expenses any more than damage you cause through neglect or poor treatment of your property. This type of insurance is meant to cover your home from outside threats, not from the actions of inhabitants.

Pet Injury or Illness

Would you expect your homeowners insurance to cover your medical bills if you tripped on your own stairs or came down with a respiratory infection from the dust in the air vents? No – you rely on your health insurance to cover such costs.

The same basic principle applies to any pets in your home. Should they become injured or ill, you’ll have to fall back on your pet insurance to cover the costs.  In short, don’t rely on your homeowners insurance to foot the bill.

Pet Liability

Some pets can prove to be a liability, and you want to make sure your insurance policy protects you if your dog bites the mailman, just for example. This is where you’re in for some good news.

Many policies already provide for liability protection for the homeowner and cover others who are injured on your property.  Therefore, there’s a good chance your homeowners insurance policy may cover such incidents your pet causes.

If your dog is injured in the process, you’ll have to pay for his medical bills. However, you won’t find yourself on the hook for the medical bills of the person who was attacked by your dog or involved in other incidents (like tripping over your cat on the stairs).

The caveat here is that gaining coverage for your pet could result in higher insurance premiums due to greater risk. However, it’s always best to prepare for the worst.  You’re better off paying a bit more up front to avoid the high costs of an injury your furry friend may cause.

Dog Breeds

Each state and insurance carrier can have different rules regarding coverage for certain breeds of pets, namely dogs. Insurers have deemed breeds like pit bulls to pose a greater risk for incidents like attacks and bites.  There are certain states that ban these breeds and certain carriers won’t provide coverage for these types of dogs.

You can always comparison shop to find a carrier that will cover your breed, although you may have to pay more for coverage because of the breed you prefer. You should also be aware that most homeowners insurance policies consider exotic pets (not traditional domestic animals like dogs, cats, and hamsters) wild animals and will not cover them. You’ll most likely have to look for supplemental policies for exotic pets.